Carving Tools

The church where Bob McKelvey attends sponsors missionaries who travel to Honduras in South America. Honduras is a poverty stricken country where the average income is the equivalent of $1800 US per year. The missionaries live there and teach the young people skills that will help them to be creative and productive. One of the skills taught is relief carving. The Codger Lodge crew donated a supply of carving tools and a few sharpening stones to the cause. Bob did the “leg work” to see that those supplies were delivered to the right place without incurring “administrative costs.”

A few weeks later, to our surprise, Bob brought fifteen decorative relief carvings that the kids sent along to show their appreciation for the tools. Needless to say, we are all impressed with their talent and overwhelmed with their generosity. As a “thank you” the codgers turned a supply of carving mallets and sent them with the missionaries to the kids in Honduras.