Cub Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America organization sponsors the local Pinewood Derby for Cub Scout members of the Allohak Council. The event is held each year in February at the Grand Central Mall. The scouts “race” their cars, two at a time, on an inclined track set up for the event. By elimination, the winner of each race category is determined. The boys build their pinewood derby cars to the specifications outlined in the derby rules book. One of the criteria states that the car’s weight may not exceed 142 grams. The volunteers who administer the event use accurate scales to insure that the cars meet the weight requirements. Protecting the delicate scales during transportation and storage was a problematic issue for the Allohak Council. Kathy Anderson, one of the Allohak volunteers, asked the Codger Lodge regulars for some help. The codgers designed a plywood case to house the scales. They supplied the materials and created the case to keep the scales secure and protect them durning transportation. Blue and yellow are the Cub Scout colors. These cars are typical Pinewood Derby entries.